The Trends in the Glass Hardware Companies

Trends in the glass hardware company – CGHardware from curtain wall interior to railings hardware we have seen a continuous movement towards achieving maximum view and sightlines. In recent studies, it is seen that clients opt for glass that provides natural daylight and a spacious environment in their homes. This is made possible when bigger expanses of glass and using only minimum framing and hardware.

We are seeing a lot of aesthetics coming into the industry as of now. These installations are quite easy and efficient. During the pandemic, the demand has risen as everyone wants to safeguard themselves from the virus among the neighboring residents.


One of the trends that we have seen in glass hardware and glazing is customization. With glass, many clients don’t know how to use it as a decorative piece and can be customized. They mostly choose it to fit their branding benchmarks or their space requirements or some other needs.

One of the most common uses for glass hardware is to make railings. The railing hardware looks very beautiful and adds elegance to the stairs or wherever the railings are placed.

Glass railings and railing hardware

railing hardware

A glass railing transforms your stair or balcony and makes it a thing of beauty. There are a lot of styles that you can choose from and you can pick the one that will suit and make your house look prettier. But the sort of railing hardware you select for your railing is also very important.

The kind of railing hardware that you will select will affect not just the look but more importantly, it will affect the strength, quality, and safety of your railing. The kind of railing hardware that you choose will depend on the type of railing that you are trying to construct, the place of the installation. Framed or semi-framed or frameless glass railings are the designs available with glass hardware companies. We will know more about railing hardware here.

The types of clam that should be used in the railings

A normal glass railing is made out of toughened glass that is around a minimum thickness of 10mm making it stronger and durable enough to ensure the safety of the railings. Every square meter of the glass railing requires around four clamps to put the panels securely in their place.

The type of railing hardware that you will select will basically depend on the type of look you are looking to create. The railings are very contemporary, urban styles, which is very compatible with stainless steel clamps, posts, and handrails. You could also go for the wooden fittings and options of the handrails and post that act as a very appealing alternative.

Frameless railings

If you are thinking of installing a glass railing it will require different types of railing hardware – these are also known as cantilevered or basic glass railings available with the glass hardware companies. As the durability and strength of the railing come from the glass of the railing. In such kinds of railings, there is no handrail present neither are posts to give support to the structure or provide a safety net if any of the glass breaks. Hence the glass has to be very durable in itself so that such situations can be prevented.

Laminated glass is wanted if such kind of railing is to be made and plus it has to be toughened and the thickness should be around 15mm for residential purposes. But when it comes to commercial sites the glass has to be around 19mm or thicker than that so that accidents can be prevented.

The remaining structural strength of the frameless glass railing comes from the base of the structure or the shoe profile. So this involves a “U” channel so that the glass panels that are installed can be securely fixed into the ground. This could be done either by using strong epoxy glue or a specific cement for the purpose, clamps that are pressure-screwed, or wedges that have to be hammered in.

The top-rated glass hardware companies offer different assortments of glasses and railing hardware. You could do thorough research on this on the glass hardware companies and find the ones that have the best reviews.

With modernization so has the glass hardware company taken the path of modernization and with it so many options are available. Also in this article, you will know more about railings hardware here.